Divorce Certificate Apostille

Divorce certificate legalization provided by a Hague convention member country is called a Divorce Certificate Apostille. A divorce decree is a final court order for granting the legal dissolution of marriage. It granted by the same country where the marriage has taken place or happened. It will summarize the rights and responsibilities of the divorced parties and it also consist basic information regarding the divorce such as the name of the parties, date of divorce, date of marriage, etc.

Divorce certificate is issued from the home country of the certificate holder but to use this document in the international field the certificate holder should legally verify the certificate from the concerned authority. Hague convention countries use Apostille procedure for documentation. A square shaped stamp named Apostille will imprint on the backside of the divorce certificate. . The Apostille is the first and the foremost step to reach a Hague convention country.

Some common purposes of Divorce Certificate Apostille are :

1. To remarry a foreign country’s citizen

2. To prove single status

3. For financial purposes.

4. This recognition is also required for solving property issues of the divorced parties (Which may be in a Hague convention country).

These above mentioned needs are the main purposes of this Apostille verification and it also outlines the power of the divorced persons. The destination country’s embassy, which situated in a Hague convention country is the mandatory authority of this certification.

Documents required for applying a Divorce certificate Apostille are :

1. Passport copy of the applicant

2. Original divorce certificate

Apostille authentication will add the reachability of the certificate and the certificate holder can use the document along the destination country. Without this Apostille documentation the required certificates are not valuable in another country. Usage of unauthorized certificates in another country foreign country is punishable by law.