Switzerland Certificate Attestation Procedure

Switzerland  Certificate Attestation Procedure

A Level Certificates / 10th / 12th / School Transfer Certificates (TC) / Associate Degree or Certificate / Bachelor Degree / Masters Degree / Doctorate Degree / Mark sheets / Transcripts / Birth Certificate / Marriage Certificate / Death Certificate / Medical Certificate / Finger Print / Bonafide Certificate / Divorce Certificate / Experience Certificate / Salary Certificate / Migration certificate / Power of Attorney / Memorandum & Articles of Association / Trade License / Invoice / Certificate of Incorporation / Certificate of Registration etc… Switzerland  Certificate Attestation Procedure as per the rules of Embassies are as mentioned below.
In International law, Attestation is the process of certifying a document so a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it. The process is used routinely in International commerce.

General Purpose of Certificate Attestation

Education Certificate Attestation :-

1. To obtain an employment visa / labour Card for most of the designation.
2. To pursue higher education in a foreign country.
3. To write MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory, technicians etc…
4. To get the equivalent certificates.

Non Educational / Vital Certificate Attestation :-

1. To obtain residence visa for wife, children, in-laws.
2. For the admission of child in the school (via Transfer Certificate).

Power of Attorney / Memorandum or Article of Association :-

1. To get the right to sell properties in Home Country.
2. For the removal of LLC  partnership provided partner in Home Country does not wish to extend the partnership.
3. To open Bank account.
4. Company Registration.

To get the experience certificate attested :-

1. Required by doctors, nurses, pharmacist, lab technician etc to write the MOH and DOH.

Procedure/Process For Switzerland Certificate Attestation

Switzerland Certificate Attestation Procedure varies from each state, each embassy, depends upon the document and off course where you wish to use the certificate. There are many ways to attest documents from Switzerland it’s a chain process. The authorities are focused only on Ministry of foreign affairs attestation locally (Intended to use country). But to get that all the other attestation is required. Finally when the Switzerland Certificate Attestation Procedure is complete all your certificates are proved valid or authentic.

Steps for Switzerland  Certificate Attestation :-

1. Swiss Notary – (SWITZERLAND)
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs- (SWITZERLAND)
3. Embassy Attestation- (SWITZERLAND)
4. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs – (Intended to use country)

The Switzerland Certificate Attestation Procedure and duration varies from time to time depending upon the rules as assigned in Switzerland. We provide assistance to hasten your Switzerland Certificate Attestation Procedure with ease in the most secure manner.
For more details please send us the scan copy of the certificates to global@attestationservices.com or call us.