Educational Certificate Attestation for Bahrain

Educational Certificate Attestation for Bahrain

Educational Certificate Attestation for Bahrain is obligatory to pursue job or related assignments in Bahrain. The below mentioned steps gives a brief description regarding list of certificates which requires Educational Certificate Attestation for Bahrain.

1. School Leaving Certificates
2. College Leaving Certificates
3. Degree Certificates
4. Mark Sheets
5. PG Degree Certificate
6. Pre Degree Certificate
7. BE Certificate
8. Diploma Certificate
9. Nursing Certificate
10.SSLC Certificate
11.HSC Certificate
12.Inter Certificate
13.MBBS Certificate
14.Dentists Certificate
15.Engineering Certificate
16.Transcript Certificate
17.Transfer Certificate
18.Nursing Degree Certificate
19.Nursing Registration Certificate
20.Pharmacy Certificate
21.B Ed Certificate
22.MS Certificate
23.MD Certificate
24.B Tech Certificate

The procedure for legalizing a foreign document varies from country to country. In International law, Attestation is the process of certifying a document so a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it. The process is used routinely in International commerce. Education shapes and nurtures one’s character, hone skills, provide impetus to grow your self-esteem, stimulates to conquer great heights and overcome challenges. Educational Certificate Attestation for Bahrain is of paramount importance for all individuals who wish to migrate to Bahrain.

In order to avail Educational Certificate Attestation for Bahrain one will have to first get it attested from your home country followed by the Attestation from Bahrain Embassy. Once you receive Educational Certificate Attestation for Bahrain genuinity of all your valuable original documents is established.
We deliver assistance to expedite all your educational certificate attestation like B.Ed, B.Tech, Nursing, BDS, MBBS, all other degree and PG certificate with hundred percent dedication.

General Purpose of Certificate Attestation

Education Document :-

1. To obtain an employment visa/ labour Card for most of the designation.
2. To pursue higher education in a foreign country.
3. To write MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory
technicians etc…
4. To get the equivalent certificates.

 Attestation Process :-

1. Notary Public – (Mumbai)
2. Home department – (Mumbai)
3. Ministry Of External Affairs – (Delhi)
4. Embassy Attestation – (Delhi)
5. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs – (Welcoming Country)

The certificate attestation procedure and duration varies from time to time depending upon the rules as assigned in Bahrain. For more details please send us the scan copy of the certificates to or call us.

Educational Certificate Attestation for Bahrain