Death Certificate Attestation

Death certificates can be essential records for proving entitlement to estate claims and probate inquiries. They are also highly useful when carrying out genealogical research and you are looking for the next family history line of inquiry (named informants are often close family members).

Death Certificate Attestation is the act of witnessing a death certificate by authorized person/persons /Departments/authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that the specified death certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that particular death certificate is authentic. Death Certificate Attestation can be done from the issued country of the certificate.




Death certificate attestation

The Death Certificate firstly will be attested from the Home Department, Mumbai (Mumbai Mantralaya) after that it will be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and finally, it will be attested from the destination country’s Embassy or Consulate present in India. The process is highly acceptable as well as most respectful attestation process in India.

We can complete all the process whatever it may be whether attestation or Apostille even the certificate holder is not there in the Issuing country.
Documents required for Death Certificate Attestation in India:

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter

Please Note: For Kerala originated documents applicant needs to provide request letter to home department for certificate attestation.